Dove Hunting, Deer Hunting, Turkey Hunting and more - south texas

Hunt dove, whitetail deer, turkey and more in a first-class hunting ranch near Pearsall, Texas. 


Keystone Ranch – Dove Hunts

Let Keystone Ranch host your most memorable dove hunt on our idyllic Pearsall property.

With irrigated milo fields and strategically placed ponds, the ranch is a mecca for dove every year.


Dove Hunting in south texas

Doves are truly "migratory birds" in every sense of the word. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, “banding studies confirm that most mourning doves are migratory. Dove migration is usually north and south with relatively little east-west movement. Large numbers of doves that nest in the Central United States and Canada winter in Texas. Other northern birds merely pass through Texas en route to wintering grounds in Mexico and Central America. Doves that nest in Texas may either winter in Texas or migrate further south. Surprisingly, doves that nest in Texas are less likely to winter in Mexico and Central American than doves that nest further north, and South Texas nesters show even less tendency to migrate than North Texas doves. Banding records also indicate juvenile mourning doves usually migrate earlier than adults, and adult females migrate earlier than adult males. Some non-resident doves began to enter Texas before September 1, but the bulk of the migrants arrive later in September. The peak band recovery period in Mexico is mid-October.” The area surrounding Keystone Ranch is known as the “Golden Triangle of Texas Dove Hunting” and has a high density of mourning dove nesting.

Mourning doves nest most frequently in scattered trees or in trees located along the edge of a field or forested area. They generally avoid nesting in dense, forested areas or treeless prairies. Trees with a trunk diameter greater than eight inches and a crown height of 10 t o 30 feet seem to be generally preferred. Mourning dove nests are usually located 5 to 15 feet above ground level. Recent studies indicate mesquite, hackberry, huisache, live oak, post oak, and juniper (cedar) trees are widely used by mourning doves nesting in Texas.

A Dove Hunt at Keystone Ranch

It’s not just about shooting your limit, we want you to enjoy the entire experience – from that first cup of coffee in the morning as the sky changes from deep gray to dark blue, to toasting your group with glass or wine or cold beer at the end of a perfect day.  

At first light, we gather in the lodge and you begin your day of hunting the right way: with hot coffee and a full breakfast.  Next, you gather up your gear and head to the vehicles to go scout the best locations as you enjoy the beginning of a South Texas sunrise. You approach the field and walk to your positions, and your hands graze the tops of the milo. Only in the morning can you enjoy this peaceful awakening, a soft hum generates around you as the sun is just starting to warm things to life.  In the distance, you can hear the familiar coo of doves and you still your mind and begin to ready yourself. You’re ready for the shoot as doves begin to fly over you and your crew, the loud symphony of shotguns begins.  Your hunt continues through the morning and the sights of other wildlife and smells of mesquite and sagebrush envelop you. Welcome to the Keystone Ranch.

Accommodations & Amenities

At Keystone Ranch, our goal is to give you and your group a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  We have 9 guest rooms and 9 full bathrooms capable of sleeping up to 30 guests. We also have a separate Sunday House-style Lodge with a full kitchen, half-bathroom, pool table, poker table, shuffleboard table and WIFI. For evening cocktails and a Texas sunset, the Keystone lodge also boasts a screened-in porch and 2nd story balcony.  Warm up next to the outdoor fire pit or show off your grilling skills in the separated outdoor cook house. Other amenities include:


·      Hot tub and pool

·      Fishing available in the pond steps from the Lodge

·      Skeet Towers and Trap range and long distance shooting range

·      Individual AC & heat

·      Wireless internet and DirecTV

·      A year-round maintenance crew with many years of experience on staff


Other Ranch activities include:

·      Skeet Shooting

·      Archery

·      Trapshooting

·      Bass fishing

·      Pool and Hot tub

·      Wildlife viewing

·      Hiking